Oh no, it’s raining?

I remember, when we got married a few years ago, that I constantly checked the weather forecast. In the end, our day turned out to be the only sunny day of that month, so it seemed and the weather was just perfect. When I talk to my brides, they also worry quite a bit about the rain, especially when they plan a summer wedding especially because of the weather. They worry about cold summer days and what to do in case of bad weather, especially when it comes to their wedding photos. But really, there is no reason to worry.

The advantage of winter weddings in Germany is, that most of the times the weather is likely to be cold and wet. No surprise there. However, I can assure you and all the future brides: it won't matter on the day. You can't change the weather and you will be so excited and happy on the day that a few (or many) raindrops won't matter.

I had the honor of photographing a beautiful small wedding in Munich a few days ago. The weather was really bad - cold and rainy. But the atmosphere was beautiful and so full of love. The bride and groom wanted to meet for their first look shortly before the ceremony. To have a few moments for themselves, to be able to take in all the little details of their outfits. And to walk into the registry office together. There was no other possibility than to have this first look outside, like we had planned and they simply didn't care for the rain. Neither did I, by the way. Overcast skies with no direct sunlight is so much better for photos. To protect it from the water, I covered my camera with plastic bags but  a few raindrops aren't doing any harm to it anyway.

I know that photos with blue skies seem to be more beautiful than clouds but I know that in the end, the focus of the day is on the wedding couple. Their love to each other and  their happiness to spend the day with their loved ones. When you look at the photos later, the weather won't matter but the atmosphere will.

This entire wedding party had so much fun in celebrating with those two that nobody missed the sun.

Have a look for yourself.

D. & F., I thank you for your trust, for your kindness and for the beautiful wedding I had the pleasure to photograph.


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